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September 24, 2020
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Get Rid Of Those Skin Tags While Protecting Yourself

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Those tiny, loose and seemingly elastic pieces of skin that you can observe growing on different parts of the body are referred to as skin tags. Skin tags can be found more frequently on your neck, breasts or armpits. You can have skin tags at any age; however, you will most likely be more prone to it once you hit the middle ages. You may have also observed how pregnant women are more prone to having skin tags. That is because of their hormonal changes and fluctuations during the period. Is there a way to be free of skin tags while not exposing oneself to even the slightest risk?

If you want to remove skin tags, there are a number of natural options you can follow. Cut them off using a sterilized pair of scissors. Nail clippers would also do. If you choose this alternative, there is bound to be some pain involved. Cutting off blood circulation to the skin tag by tying it up with a piece of string will also be effective. If there is no string, another option would be dental floss. You will notice a discoloration on the part of the skin tag once it is tied up. Soon after, it will fall off and you will not feel any pain at all.

You can also get some clear nail polish to remove the skin tags. If you have cider vinegar, that is going to be useful as well. Soak a piece of cotton with cider vinegar or clear nail polish and put it over the skin tags. With a Band-Aid, keep it in place and leave it on for the night. You should also know that you can make use of certain herbs for skin tag removal. One such herb is the red-colored bloodroot herb. You can place this herb on the surface of the skin and then cover it with a Band-Aid. This is a very effective skin tag removal method which will work after only a couple of days. Skin tags that are of a larger size, however, are likely to disappear twice as long. If you are looking for other equally effective tools to use in removing skin tags, you can turn to castor oil and tea tree oil. Tea tree oil can be applied repeatedly on the skin tags over the course of one day. If you add baking soda to castor oil, you can come up with a paste to use as treatment. You can then very simply apply this paste to the tag and can leave it until the tag falls off.

Do not despair that you will never be able to get rid of skin tags, especially if it is something genetic or within your family. There are a lot of ways to stop them from growing. Keep your weight well-balanced in order to prevent skin tags from appearing. You must remain fit with daily exercises and fitness measures to deal with these irritating skin growths. Of course, you should also make sure you have a good skin regimen to keep your skin healthy and protected. Dry skin can be prevented from breaking out into various skin problems by keeping it moisturized. Skin tags tend to grow on skin that is irritated or having problems. Case in point: skin tags appear mostly in the underarm, breast, and groin area because they are often subjected to irritation.

Prevent these skin tags from appearing by making sure they don't get irritated. Women during their pregnancy period and indulge with skin tag problems should always wear flexible cloths to avoid these problems. You can also prefer to wear boxers instead of wearing tight fitting underwear. Stay protected and keep all those annoying skin tags away by observing these measures.


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