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July 18, 2020
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Raw Food Health-Achieve Good Health Through Raw Food Starting Today

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Is raw food really good for your health? Many people want to know the answer to this question, as the raw food diet getting a lot of attention of the last several years.

Quite simply, the diet most people eat today does not lend itself to get long-term health. Many people eat a diet rich in meat and dairy products, and therefore don't achieve good health later in life.

The reason that raw food diet is so good for your health is that they contain enzymes, what your body needs to digest its' food well. Quite simply, the only foods where enzymes are found is raw food because anytime you cook foods, the enzymes are cooked right out of it.

Only way to get enzymes is to eat your food raw and unooked; anytime you can cook food over a certain temperature, the enzymes are cooked out of it. This is why eating at a diet rich in raw food is so good for you.

Most raw food health advocates suggest you eat a diet with about 75% of your food being raw. Another great tip when eating raw food is to eat only raw food in the morning and at night. Quite simply, these times are the times that your body likes best to digest its food and cleanse its' system.

When you put cooked food in your body, it has to spend that time trying to digest this food, and that's why often times wake up more tired when you get up then when you went to bed; your body just spent the whole night digesting the cooked food, and had to work extremely hard to achieve this.

When you eat foods without enzymes the body has to manufacture its' own digestive enzymes to aid in the digestion process because it's not receiving it through it's foods; when you get get it through your foods naturally, the body doesn't have to work nearly as hard.

When you spend a lifetime eating cooked food, the pancreas wells up to at least twice its normal size. Hopefully these raw food health tips will help you get on the road to good health starting today. You are about to embark on an incredible adventure; good luck with your new raw food ways.


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