Here are some quick healthy recipes ideas. These are recipes can be prepared in just a few minutes. They are hardy and nutritious. When you get home from a hard days work you may be too tired to cook a big three course meal. With these easy meals you will not be sweating over the hot stove.

It is a great idea to plan your diner menus for the whole week. Make a list of all the necessary ingredients and buy them with one big shopping trip to your supermarket. This planning will save you time and anxiety.

Ground beef is a versatile ingredient that tastes good and is healthy. You can use ground beef to make your kids' favorite - cheeseburgers. Add some salt, pepper and garlic powder to the ground beef. Then form it into patties with the palm of your hand. Fry it in a skillet with a little oil. While the patties are frying slice some onion and tomatoes. Serve with ketchup and mustard. For side dishes, open up a can of baked bean and heat them up in the microwave. Buy some frozen French fries and cook them in your oven. You will have a great three course meal that your whole family will enjoy.

Tacos are easy to make and fun to eat. Buy some taco shell and heat them up in the oven. In the meantime, fry some ground beef and use a packet of taco seasoning to give it an authentic Mexican flavor. Grate some cheddar cheese. Chop some tomatoes and onions. Fill the taco shell with the ground beef then put on the grated cheddar cheese. Top it off with the chopped tomatoes and onions and then spoon some salsa sauce. You can make burritos the same way just replace the taco shells with burrito shells.

Italian food is quick and easy to prepare. Spaghetti only takes a few minutes to boil. You can buy spaghetti sauce in a bottle. It only take a couple of minutes to heat it up in a sauce pan. Grated Parmesan cheese can be sprinkled on top. Heat some french bread in the oven. Make a salad of lettuce with carrots and green peppers. You will have a quick delicious meal with this spaghetti diner.

A Chinese stir fry is very easy and quick to make. Slice broccoli, mushrooms, carrots and onions or add any other vegetables you may have around. Fry it with a little oil in a frying pan or wok. Fry the vegetables and stir them briskly. Do not over cook because you want to keep them crispy. Serve with rice and use soy sauce to taste.

Macaroni and cheese is an old favorite. This is a hardy, filling one course meal. Children especially love this meal. Prepare elbow macaroni in boiling water according to the instructions. When the macaroni is ready add milk and melted grated aged cheddar cheese. Bake in an hot oven for about 30 minutes. There are many variations of this filling dish. You can add potato chips and other interesting and different ingredients

Planning ahead is the key to quick healthy recipes. Purchase the ingredients when you do your weekly shopping trip at the food market. Have all your meals planned the coming week. This will save money and time. Try to be creative with your choice of foods. It is always easy to serve some fresh vegetables with some salad dressing. There are many different kinds of salad dressing that are very tasty and delicious.