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May 22, 2020
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Put Down The Pepto - Cure Indigestion The Natural Way

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Indigestion can make you feel bloated and cause pain in your stomach area. It can lead to nausea, uncontrolled flatulence and burping, heartburn and acid reflux making you miserable. Your state of mind can also be a contributor to digestive problems. This means that stress and anxiety and be factors as well. Other causes of indigestion are poor diet, overeating and partaking of too much alcohol. These can lead to a heavy buildup of toxins in the body making your digestive system unable to work properly. Remember overindulgence of anything can cause indigestion. Some Ways to Minimize IndigestionEat frequent small meals. Keep your body fueled by eating more often to keep your energy up but in smaller quantities. Eating a small meal or snack every 2 to 3 hours will lessen problems and symptoms of indigestion. Eat whole foods. Staying away from highly processed, fatty foods will help you keep the acids down in your stomach. Adding whole foods such as lean meat, fruits and vegetables are a great way to get your body healthy and avoid upset stomach.Eat slowly. Eating too fast will cause you problems. Take it slow by consciously chewing your food and putting your fork down between bites. Avoid alcohol. Alcohol is acidic and contains sugars that can cause your body to be out of balance.Limit caffeine. Consuming fewer caffeinated beverages will help to keep heartburn at bay. Sources of caffeine are coffee, tea, soda, energy drinks among others. Drink Water. Train yourself to drink more water each day. Its easy to fit more in if you drink a glass up on rising and keep a water bottle with you and sip all day long. Water helps to flush your system, removing toxins and keeps your body well hydrated.Dont eat late. Eating before bed can cause heartburn, indigestion and acid reflux, making it hard to sleep. This contributes to the cycle by not allowing you to get the proper rest so you can your body in balance.Avoid spicy foods. If you find that spicy meals precede painful indigestion, limit or avoid them altogether. Keeping a food journal can help you determine the types of foods that cause you trouble.Apple Cider Vinegar. Add a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar to a glass of water and drink it once or twice a day can aid digestion. It is a fermented product so it helps the healthy bacteria grow and multiply in your intestines which are needed for a healthy digestive tract. Drink peppermint tea. Peppermint tea has a calming effect on your system helping with nausea.Making these dietary changes can help you minimize or even avoid the painful symptoms of indigestion.


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