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March 14, 2020
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Proper Hair and Scalp Conditioning

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From short hair to long hair and curly hair, we all have our own personal style when it comes to the hair on our head. There are so many products out there on the market that it is hard to choose between each one. So many hair products claim that they prevent scalp damage, strengthen hair, and moisturize your scalp. How do you decide between all of the products? Which ones prevent damage and which ones don't? Simply put, healthy hair begins with good hair and scalp conditioning.

First off, you must develop a routine when conditioning your hair. You need to consider your hair type, cut and texture. Different hair requires different products to condition and style. Search for conditioners that are specific for your hair type. You can choose from leave-in conditioners, 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioners, conditioners that are for heavy conditioning, hot oil treatments and so forth.

You can purchase shampoos and conditioners based on your hair color, whether you have frizzy hair, limp hair, etc. There are a multitude of choices. Keep in mind when purchasing these hair products that it is good to have a few that will serve different purposes. Have one for everyday use and conditioning and then purchase one for deep conditioning. Try to deep condition your hair at least once a week. Be sure to use conditioner every time you wash your hair to replace any moisture that is lost during washing.

Once you have decided which shampoo and conditioner you are going to use, the next step is to select your styling tools. What type of hairbrush do you want to use? Different hairbrushes do different things. There are hairbrushes that cause extra shine and some that well help with curling your hair during blow-drying; there is even a brush to help with keeping your hair from being tangled. Do you want to blow dry your hair or let it dry naturally? Are you going to curl your hair with a curling iron, or do you want to straighten it? When brushing your hair, make sure you are careful not to pull your hair, as it will cause broken ends. Also, if possible, try to brush your hair 3 times a day to help distribute the natural oils in your hair evenly throughout the day.

Another suggestion that not only helps increase blood flow, but also is a great way to relax, is to perform a scalp massage. It will increase the shine, softness and strength of your hair. Check with a massage therapist on the proper way to do a massage or get your hairdresser to explain how to do it. There are special oils on the market, which can be used specifically for scalp massages and will also help with moisturizing.

In order to have a successful hair and scalp routine, you will need the right products. A beauty supply store will carry the proper shampoos and conditioners, correct hairbrushes and styling products to help promote the blood flow in the scalp. If you follow your routine, you will have a healthy scalp and hair for years to come.


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