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Yeast infection irritates the vagina; symptoms are itching, soreness, pain during urination & sex, vaginal yeast infection is begun at organism inside the vagina, inflammation around the vagina called value and often we say it fungus infection.


Yeast is very irritating infection grows & stays at vagina and can be rapidly converted to large number of cells will really bother your routine life. Yeast infection is simple and easily treated, most of the yeast infections are not supposed to be sexually transmitted disease but fungus can spread from one person to another through oral, vaginal contact and scientifically called candida.


Yeast Infection Symptoms

1- Yeast infection symptoms can be mild to moderate type in both men & women. Symptoms are itching, irritation outside or inside the vagina vulva.

2- Massive burning sensation during intercourse or passing the urination

3- Sore, redness, swilling inside the vagina vulva

4- Vagina can discharge unusual thick white water frequently

5- Male will feel itching at penis after sex with infected sex partner 


Yeast infection also referred vaginitis yeast, candida vaginitis or vulvovaginitis , around 85% of yeast infection caused by candida albicans. Candida yeast infection can attach at your skin, throat, blood and mouth.


Without any symptoms healthy women contains the candida in the vagina, yeast can be transmitted through sexual relations, but not been considered it STD, although 75% of women carries yeast infection due to disruption of normal balance of protective bacteria.


Antibiotics also cause in women in balance, high estrogen level or hormone therapy is the reasons of yeast infection in women. But keep in mind if you have more than four time a yeast infection then must visit doctor for treatment.


How to Treat Yeast Infection

1- Your doctor will identify the severity of yeast infection and recommend the prescription accordingly

Antifungal cream is often prescribed by doctors for two or three days along with antifungal medications like Lotrimin, Terazol and Monistat.

2- Single dose of Difucan oral medication is recommended

3- Keep the vaginal area clean, use anti allergic soap, after using toilet wipe it from both sides


Complicated Yeast Infection

Complicated yeast infection such as candida will take long time to be treated and required massive course of treatment in server cases. If yeast symptoms are sever redness, sores or tears inside the vaginal tissues, candida other than albicans. If you are pregnant, high level of diabetes or week immune system then required long term medical therapy.


1- Doctors often ask for 14 days of antifungal creams like Lotgicort G and Canesten.

2- Three doses of Diflucan not for pregnant women, often long term oral medication Diflucan for six weeks once tablet a week.

3- Use of protection or condom during sex



Yeast Infection

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