How to Diagnose Yeast Infection Symptoms & Causes in Women

Yeast Infection - (on October 07, 2014 07:44 AM)

Yeast infection symptoms are common in women such as irritation, itching, burning sensation, vaginal pain in the vagina (vulva). After recognizing yeast symptoms first step is to visit the doctor to get treated.


It is common feeling of yeast infection symptoms in women vaginal sensation and burning associated with vaginal infection triggered by yeast infection. Even you have infected before yeast infection but it is question that how you will know that symptoms are yeast or other kind of vaginal infection.


Yeast Infection Symptoms

Most of women don’t feel any symptoms even infected with yeast infection, such happens in mild stages of infection but typical yeast infection symptoms are such as:


Itching & pain in the vaginal area and around the vulva

Burning sensation in the vaginal area

Swelling of the vulva

White or gray vaginal discharge that may be thick

Pain and burning during urination

Pain during sexual intercourse


Complicated Yeast Infection Signs

1- Severe signs of complicated yeast infection are extensive redness, itching & swelling which can develop the tears or -sore.

2-Yeast infection can be happen four times a year, repetitive development of yeast infection within one year.

3-Yeast infection may be cause of candida

4-If you’re pregnant than yeast infection may cause severe problems

5-Uncontrollable diabetes or lower immune system due to particular medications or if you’re infected with HIV infection.


Demerits of Self Diagnosing Yeast Infection

Doctors will always discourage to self-diagnosis of yeast infection, reason behind this is because vaginal infection caused due to bacteria, it may be sexual transmitted disease or infection and symptoms may have very similar to yeast infection. Thus this required entirely different treatment such as STD medication instead of treatment of yeast infection.


Recent time yeast infection treatment is available; visit your doctor who will prescribe the medications. Normally doctors will recommend the anti-fungal creams easily available from drugstores, but some facts of Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shows that one third women purchase these drugs and not treated well.


Reason is wrongly identified yeast infection and tries to get treated with anti-fungal creams which will defiantly not work. If infection is wrongly identified and treated then bacteria will develop resistance against certain antibiotics, however yeast how grows at vagina can be resistance against anti-fungal creams.


Visit Your Doctor

Make appointment with your doctor if you feel such symptoms first time

If you’re not sure about yeast infection symptoms

Your symptoms stays even you use the anti-fungal creams or develop the other symptoms


According to the expert doctors vaginal yeast or bacterial infection is often difficult of diagnose based of symptoms similarity, because both infections discharges, itching or minus an order.


Doctors will definitely take the sample of discharge from the vagina and analyze under the microscope to differentiate the bacterial or yeast infection or for special culture sent the test at lab. After diagnosis process has been completed then treatment of appropriate medication will start to cure the infection.  


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