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Diabetes - (on December 12, 2014 03:06 AM)

Here we will help you know that what diabetes is. About its symptoms and how it can be controlled. Has someone in your family or friends suffered with diabetes? Have you ever wondered that what is diabetes? 

Diabetes is a lifelong chronic disease that affects the blood glucose or blood sugar levels in the body and increases them to an abnormal level. Diabetes usually occurs when the pancreas in the body malfunctions and does not make enough insulin or when the body cells do not respond to the insulin produced. There are three main types of diabetes:


There is Three Types of Diabetes


Type 1 Diabetes

This occurs when the pancreas in the body produces little or no insulin. It was previously known as juvenile diabetes as it is usually diagnosed in children and young adults. Only 5% of the people that are diagnosed with diabetes have this type of diabetes. Type 1 diabetes is also known as or insulin - dependent diabetes as people with this type of diabetes has to remain insulin dependent. There are no known prevention methods and cure of type 1 diabetes.


Type 2 Diabetes

This occurs when the cells do not respond properly to the insulin produced. This medical phenomenon is also known as insulin resistance and is the most common form of diabetes as almost 90% to 95% of the 26 million Americans that are diagnosed with diabetes have the type 2 diabetes. Type 2 diabetes is also known as non-insulin dependent diabetes. There is no known permanent cure for this form of diabetes as well, but, it can be prevented.


Gestational Diabetes


This occurs in pregnant women due to pregnancy. All pregnant women should get an oral glucose tolerance test between the 24th and 28th week of pregnancy as this is time when Gestational Diabetes develops. Pregnant women above the age of 35 and those that are over weight always face a higher risk of developing Gestational Diabetes. This form of diabetes can be controlled easily and after pregnancy in most cases it eventually disappears.


Symptoms of Diabetes


While some people may show clear symptoms of diabetes in many it often goes unnoticed for years as these symptoms, when looked on their own, seem harmless. This means that a person should always remain cautious and visit a doctor promptly if he has a little doubt that he may be having the disease as a person can live a healthy long life if diabetes is controlled in time. 

The symptoms of diabetes are:

Passing urine excessively
Feeling thirsty excessively
Feeling hungry all the time
Having episodes of blurred vision
Feelings of tiredness
Loss of weight
Dry mouth and skin
Bad Breath
Itching around the penis and the vagina and thrush
Wounds that heal slowly
Patches of dark skin


How Diabetes can be controlled


A type 1 diabetic has to remain insulin dependent at all times. Moreover by maintaining a healthy diet and exercising regularly a type 1 diabetic can live a long healthy life. On the other hand for a type 2 diabetic controlling sugar is relatively easy as it can just be accomplished by staying on a healthy diet and exercising regularly. It is always recommended to a diabetic to consume foods that are made out of wheat and nuts, eat fish and to use vegetable oil. Diabetics are also told to not smoke, use less red meat and consume low amounts of sugary beverage.


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