Gonorrhea: What is Clap STD - Causes, Symptoms And Diagnosis Of The Clap STD

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The answer to the question; what is the clap STD lies in the study of gonorrhea because the clap, a drip, a dose, GC all these terms are slang's used for the gonorrhea STD (sexually transmitted disease).



What Is The Clap STD?

Gonorrhea or the clap is one of the most common sexually transmitted bacterial infection among humans worldwide. It spreads easily through sexual contact because in most cases, people that get this STD do not show any symptoms. Gonorrhea is a dangerous STD because if untreated, gonorrhea can result in infertility.


Now that we know what is the clap STD we will discover more about its causes, symptoms and diagnosis because the dire consequences of this STD highlight the fact that learning this information is important and can prove helpful in prevention of the clap STD.



Causes Of The Clap STD

The clap infection is caused by a bacteria scientifically known as bacterium Neisseria gonorrhoea. It spreads through sexual contact in people who are mostly involved in;


  1. Having sex with more than one sexual partner

  2. Unprotected sex

  3. Use towels and undergarments used or disposed by other people

  4. Alcohol and drug abuse

  5. Unaware about the clap STD causes.



Symptoms Of The Clap STD

Most people that have the clap STD do not show any symptoms. These people are still contagious and can spread the infection. The symptoms of the clap STD vary in both men and women so we will learn about them accordingly.



Symptoms Of The Clap STD In Men

  1. Unusually colored thick discharge from the tip of the penis

  2. Pain or a burning feeling in the penis while urination

  3. Swelling of the foreskin

  4. Pain in the testicles



Symptoms Of The Clap STD In Women

  1. Pain or a burning feeling in the vagina while urination

  2. Burning, pain and itching in the anus

  3. Abnormal discharge from the vagina

  4. Bleeding during sex

  5. Abnormal bleeding during periods

  6. Pain in the belly

  7. Fever



Diagnosis Of The Clap STD

Since symptoms of the clap are not common, people involved in unprotected sex should get tested regularly to keep a check on their health conditions. However, when symptoms of the clap are spotted a diagnosis is made by medical experts to determine the nature of the disease by identifying the bacteria .


The clap’s bacteria is usually identified by swabbing the infected area to collect the bacteria and culturing it in a controlled environment or by identification of the genetics of the bacteria.


The clap is one of those STDs which can be easily prevented and is it also fully treatable with the help of antibiotics. Yet people spread the disease because they do not take their condition seriously and do not seek any medical help. This malpractice should be avoided because the consequences of the clap can be extreme.



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