What Does STD Stand For? 5 Factors That Increases The Risk Of Getting An STD

STD - (on April 21, 2015 03:25 AM)

What Does STD Stand For? Read About The Factors That Increase The Risk Of Getting An STD With Prevention Methods To Avoid STD


Today, STDs are an epidemic, yet, most people do not know what does STD stand for. This is a serious concern of the health organizations around the world because with the high threat that STDs pose on human life, people should be familiar with the STDs and its dangers.


This article will help you understand what does STD stand for, the factors that increase the risk of contracting an STD and its prevention methods.



What Does STD Stand For?

STD is an abbreviation used for sexually transmitted diseases. STDs are infections that are spread usually by sexual contact be it oral, anal or vaginal sex. They are caused by bacteria, viruses or parasites which is why they are often referred to as STIs (sexually transmitted infections) as well.


Each year many people from all around the world loose their lives after being infected by an STD. This can be stopped if more awareness about the STDs and its symptoms is created. This is possible because some STDs can be cured with the help of medication while some incurable STDs can be controlled with the help of vaccines and medication if they are diagnosed in time.



What Are The Factors That Increase The Risk Of Contracting An STD?



Involvement In Unprotected Sex

Unprotected sex is the highest cause of STDs around the globe. Any person that is involved in unprotected sex be it anal, oral or vaginal is at risk of contracting an STD. Many STDs such as Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Syphilis, Herpes, AIDS and Hepatitis are spread because of unprotected sex.



Having More Than One Sexual Partner

STDs are mainly passed from person to person. This is why having multiple sexual partners can increase the risk of catching an STD as a person may not be fully aware of their sexual partners health.



Having Suffered With An STD In The Past

Symptoms of many STDs can recur for years as STDs like genital Herpes can lay dormant in the body even after treatment. This is why a person who has suffered with an STD in the past always remains at risk of developing it again or passing their STD to their sexual partner.



Having Forced Sex

A person involved in sex for which they have not agreed or rape can become a victim of an STD.



Using Recreational Drugs

Usage of recreational drugs are known to cause STDs in humans. This is possible through the usage of the same instrument of drug administration such as a needle.


These are some of the known factors that can put a person at risk of catching an STD.



What Are The Prevention Methods To Avoid Catching An STD?

Even though STDs pose a high threat on human life they are highly avoidable if more awareness is created between people about STDs and people start making better sexual health choices.


Practice of safe sex such as using condoms and using other similar protective methods helps in avoiding STDs. Moreover, educating oneself about STDs, creating awareness about STDs in family and surroundings, keeping one sexual partner and getting vaccination for STDs can help decrease the risk of contracting an STDs by a huge percentage.

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