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Many people confuse sugar to be the same as diabetes. This is not true. Diabetes is a group of very complex diseases with a number of causes. Intake of foods and beverages that use sugar as an ingredient in excess are a known cause of fat gain or obesity. Studies indicate that the unnecessary fat and obesity makes a person more prone to developing diabetes. So it is safe to say that sugar consumption in excess can lead to diabetes.


If you have diabetes it means that the sugar or glucose levels of your blood are abnormal because the insulin, which is a hormone made by the pancreas that moves the sugar (glucose) obtained from food from the bloodstream into cells throughout the body, is not being produced or not being used properly. Majorly, diabetes has three types: 


Type 1 Diabetes

Also known as juvenile or insulin dependent diabetes, type 1 diabetes is diagnosed in young adults and develops when the pancreas in the body produces little or no insulin.


Type 2 Diabetes

Also known as non-insulin dependent diabetes, type 2 diabetes is the most common form of diabetes and develops when the cells show insulin resistance.


Gestational Diabetes

Gestational Diabetes develops or is first diagnosed in pregnant women and affects the way the cells in the body use sugar (glucose). If you are a diabetic please note that intake of sugary foods and beverages in diabetes can lead to more serious complications because in diabetes the cells are already not able to control the blood sugar present in the body because of the regular food consumption.


It is always recommended by doctors to a healthy person that in order to stay healthy they should limit their intake of sugary products and exercise, eat healthy and not smoke. These things can prevent a person from developing diabetes.

However, if you are a diabetic and want to control the diabetes, you not only have to maintain a healthy diet and look for foods that provide the body low amounts of sugar but also if you follow these steps you will be able to live a long and healthy life.


Manage Your Blood Sugar (Glucose) Levels:

Concentrate on keeping the blood sugar levels in your body close to normal. This can be accomplished by maintaining a healthy diet, exercising regularly and the use of insulin and oral medication according to the doctor’s recommendation.



A type 1 diabetic is treated with combinations of regular and NPH insulin, or synthetic insulin analogs. A type 2 diabetic person's first line of treat is generally Metformin as there is good evidence that it decreases mortality.

Always consult a doctor before using any new insulin or oral medication 

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