Syphilis Symptoms & Testing

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Syphilis is bacterial disease caused by sexual intercourse from infected person, syphilis infection can leads to serious health threat. Not only genital contact is the source of syphilis but close contact of body to body is also one reason to enter the syphilis bacteria in your body.


Question often asked what is syphilis , syphilis is one type of STD infection and health professors & doctors advised that if you feel any syphilis symptoms then urgently visit your medical clinic for identification, testing & treatment of infection. If syphilis is not properly treated then it can cause serious health problems as brain damage, arthritis & blindness.


According to the medical research institute syphilis rate in US has been noticed to declining trend between the women since 2010, but counterpart in men simultaneously increasing particularly men to men sexual relationship. HIV infection can easily penetrate due to genital sores connected to syphilis and thus virus can transmit HIV.


Treatment of Syphilis


In the early stages of syphilis infection bacteria stay at your body and grow out again. Importantly early stage of syphilis can be treated & cured easily by using of penicillin or antibiotic drugs like tetracycline, doxycycline, ceftriaxone and azithromycin. These treatments are often recommended by doctors but you should only use prescribe medication from STD health practitioners after syphilis test is positive.


Pregnant women in taking syphilis should use antibiotics drugs with consultation of gynecologist, penicillin is often used during the tenure of pregnancy but if you’re allergic of penicillin then discuss with doctor before using it.


Syphilis has three stages called primary syphilis, secondary syphilis and tertiary syphilis


Primary Syphilis


Symptoms of primary syphilis stats without any pain and more than one sore in shape of large round circles like cutting bites are hard and painless. These symptoms happen at genital areas around penis, vaginal and round the mouth within the time frame of 3 weeks after the exposure or contextual relationship.


Secondary Syphilis

Syphilis symptoms in secondary stage are look likes as skin rashes usually at the palms of hand, rashes bottom side of feet, sore throat and rashes have different look may appear at different places of body.


Importantly rashes may have different appearance due to other diseases such as white patches inner side of mouth, moist warts, fever, swollen lymph glands, hair loss, joint pains and body weight loss. Particularly in secondary stage of syphilis symptoms may appear after 90 day to 180 days after the exposure of sexual relations and often syphilis goes without treatment.


Image of Secondary Syphilis 



Tertiary Syphilis


Third stage is the dangerous sign and in medical term called it tertiary syphilis and if the infection is not been treated timely and reaches to tertiary stage will affect the severe health problems associated with nerves, brain and heart, at the end result may be paralysis, deafness and blindness.


Syphilis Test for Diagnostic


Syphilis test is crucial while you feel any syphilis symptoms after the exposer; plan to visit your STD health clinic or GP which will recommend the syphilis test. Syphilis test are used to diagnose the Treponema pallidum infection, there are several types of test are available to identify the syphilis but most commonly antibody test is used.


This test identifies the antibody in the blood and cerebrospinal fluid (CSF).There are two general types of syphilis test are available named such as nontreponemal and treponemal, so both methods of testing syphilis are important for cross check and these tests are not expensive blood tests.


How to Prevent Syphilis


1- Practice of save sex is only method to prevent the infection of syphilis, use of condom is one precaution while doing sex practice but not hundred percent safe.

2- Void the sex practice with prostitutes or multiple sex partners

3- Dental dam is good idea during oral sex

4- You should be tested for STD or sexual transmitted infections or tell your partner about the results

5- Avoid using toy boy sex for multiple partners

6- Shared needles are one reason to transmit the infection of syphilis, so avoid the sharing needles in case of in-taking of drugs

7- Recreational activities and imbibing  of alcohol is one factor for transmission of syphilis infection much faster during un save sex. 



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Piercen Bell
Piercen Bell on October 26, 2016 05:27 AM

There is no vaccine for syphilis. To help prevent the spread of syphilis, follow these suggestions:

Abstain or be monogamous. The only certain way to avoid syphilis is to forgo having sex. The next-best option is to have mutually monogamous sex with one partner who is uninfected.

Use a latex condom. Condoms can reduce your risk of contracting syphilis, but only if the condom covers the syphilis sores.

Avoid recreational drugs. Excessive use of alcohol or other drugs can cloud your judgment and lead to unsafe sexual practices.


Addam Abraham
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