Chlamydia Infection Symptoms & Treatment Guide

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Chlamydia infection often doesn’t have any symptoms, chlamydia is sexually transmitted disease STD in USA, and it can be cured easily by antibiotics treatments. Untreated chlamydia can lead sever complication for pregnant women.


What is Chlamydia?

Chlamydia is define small bacterial, three types chlamydia trachomatis, chlamydia suis, chlamydia muridarum  infection spread through sexual intercourse during exchange of body fluid and called in the list of sexually transmitted disease (STD), unknowingly passed from one sex partner to another without any symptoms. Particularly in pregnant women carry the untreated chlamydia symptoms can lead to permanent infertility, complications in reproductive system and fatal ectopic pregnancy.


How Chlamydia Spread

Chlamydia infection can be easily pass, if you practice sex such as oral, anal, vaginal and someone who carries the chlamydia, there are many chances of chlamydia disease if you practice unprotected sex. Nevertheless if you treated chlamydia infection in past, however research shows that 80% of women having active chlamydia have no symptoms while 20& men have without any symptoms of chlamydia.


How to Prevent Chlamydia 

 It doesn’t mean if someone don’t have chlamydia symptoms will not pass the infection to other partners, there are same chances if you have symptoms or not chlamydia will pass to other sex partner.

You are highly recommend to avoid sex practice with multiple sex partners and it can be reduce the risk of chlamydia by using condom or your partner should be STD negative test results.


Chlamydia symptoms in women

Bleeding between periods

Abnormal vaginal discharge

Painful menstruation

Lower abdominal pain with fever

Pain while doing sex

Itching, burning in the vagina

Pain during urinating


Chlamydia symptoms in men

Small volume of white discharge from the tip of the penis

Painful urination

Burning and itching inside the penis

Pain and swelling around the testicles 


How to Diagnose the Chlamydia

If you have practice sex with unknown partner and feel any symptoms or not, you must visit your health clinic for chlamydia testing. Doctors can easily diagnose chlamydia from different tests by taking the sample of swab from urethra in men and in women swab from cervix and sample will send to laboratory to be diagnosed. Other tests for chlamydia are taking the sample of urination to find the bacteria.


How Chlamydia Can be Treated

If your chlamydia tests are positives then chlamydia can be easily cured, your doctor will prescribe the oral antibiotics often, levofloxacin, azithromycin and doxycycline are recommended. Seven days to 15 days oral treatment is required to cure the chlamydia infection. Your doctor also advises to test your sex partner if any STD chlamydia symptom can be identified and should be cure to minimize the further risk of chlamydia.


What Happens If You not Treated Chlamydia

If you prolong or not treat the chlamydia infection then you’re at the risk of several health problems, particular in women if chlamydia is not treated will cause serious health issues like pelvic inflammatory diseases. This disease can easily damage the fallopian tube or permanent infertility to not birth baby or pregnant anymore.


If women not treated chlamydia what happens is serious question because another risk of ectopic pregnancy in medical term, it means female will fertilize the eggs implant outer side the uterus and early birth of baby also. There are also possibilities to pass the chlamydia infection to new born baby will cause the eye infections and blindness. 


In men if chlamydia is not treated can lead to nongonococcal urethritis also abbreviated (NGU), it may cause the infection in urethra in urination tube where male pass the urine, another  infection  is medically called epididymitis, inflammation of rectum in simple words bacterial infection in the tube which carries the sperm and suck from testes to through away. 



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