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Learn STD(sexually transmitted disease), causes, diagnosis & treatments. STD is common in United States while Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has noticed high sexual relationship in young agers without protection. This is the main cause of sexual transmitted disease such as chlamydia, gonorrhea, herpes, bacterial vaginosis, genital warts, trichomoniasis, hepatitis and HIV/Aids. If STD symptoms are not treated on time then it may cause severe complications in men & women.


Men and women that are involved in sexual activities usually contract various infections which are referred to as sexual transmitted diseases or simply STDs. The modern term that is used for STDs is STIs (sexually transmitted infections) because of the fact that a person gets infected and its spread causes the disease.


Some STDs are incurable and life threatening while some can be cured with the help of a timely diagnosis and medicine. This makes it very important for us know about STDs and learn about their symptoms so that we can seek medical help at the earliest and keep ourselves safe from the dire consequences of these diseases.


These articles will help you to discover all about the common STDs such as; Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Syphilis, Bacterial Vaginosis, Crabs, Trichomoniasis, Herpes, Genital Herpes, Cold Sores, Pubic Lice, HPV, Human papillomavirus infection, HIV, AIDS, Genital Warts, Shingles and Chancroid.


Here you can also learn about the symptoms of chlamydia, symptoms of gonorrhea, symptoms of syphilis, symptoms of bacterial vaginosis, symptoms of crabs, symptoms of trichomoniasis, symptoms of genital herpes, symptoms of cold sores, symptoms of pubic lice, symptoms of HPV, symptoms of human papillomavirus infection, symptoms of HIV, symptoms of AIDS, symptoms of genital warts, symptoms of shingles and symptoms of chancroid.


By reading these articles you can spot your symptoms in time and seek medication for chlamydia, medication for gonorrhea, medication for syphilis, medication for bacterial vaginosis, medication for crabs, medication for trichomoniasis, medication for herpes, medication for genital herpes, medication for cold sores, medication for pubic lice, medication for HPV, medication for human papillomavirus infection, medication for HIV, medication for AIDS, medication for genital warts, medication for shingles and medication for chancroid through the advice of the doctor or a medical health advisor.


This section will also cover important topics related to STDs such as tips to avoid STD, STD causes, steps to follow once a person gets infected with an STD, STD testing and other related topics that can create STD awareness.

HealthCabins STD guide & articles

Syphilis Symptoms & Testing

STD - United States

Syphilis is bacterial disease caused by sexual intercourse from infected person, syphilis infection can leads to serious health threat. Not only genital contact is the source of syphilis but close contact of body to body is also one reason to enter the syphilis bacteria in your body.

What Are STD Symptoms and Signs: Common STDs Found in Men & Women

STD - United States

What are STD symptoms? Is a question asked by many people who want to know if their health problems are related with any STDs (sexually transmitted disease). If these people know that what are STD symptoms they can easily recognize their health problems and get rid off a STD, if they have it

Know About Types Of STDs? Bacterial, Viral And Parasitic STDs Explained

STD - United States

There are many different types of STDs (sexually transmitted diseases) that can be classified into three basic kinds; bacterial STDs, viral STDs and parasitic STDs. This means that all different types of Sexually transmitted diseases either caused by bacteria, viruses or parasites. To learn about the different types of STDs we will study about them according to these three categories; bacterial STDs, viral STDs and parasitic STDs.

Treatment For STDs: Read About Medicines Used For Sexually Transmitted Diseases


Treatments for STDs - Taking medicine for STD (sexually transmitted disease) is the only way to get rid off it. So no matter how embarrassed you may feel for seeking advice of your medical health adviser or your doctor in regards to your STD you still have to do it. This is important because even though medicine for STD is available at many drug stores,

Venereal Diseases: An Overview Of STD Also Known as VD


Venereal diseases are infections caused mostly likely caused due to sexual intercourse, oral sex, and anal sex. Also known as VD , prevalence of these infections or any symptoms that may direct towards their diagnosis may not initially be clearly identified. If an individual acquires infections that fall under the category of a venereal diseases;

Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD) Treatment


The STD treatment can save the infected individual from many risks involved with STDs (sexually transmitted diseases). If the STD treatment for bacterial STDs starts in the initial stages it can not only stop the damage that can be done to the health of the the infected person

STDs: Signs Of STD In Men - Link Symptoms to Diagnose STD


Most STIs (sexually transmitted infections) do not cause any signs of STD in men. This is why many infected men think that they do not have an STD, do not get tested, let the infection spread and suffer the consequences. Here we will tell you about the signs of STD in men. This will help you spot a STI before it turns into an STD (sexually transmitted disease),

GTSTD: Information on How to Get Tested for STD


Information on how to get tested for STD (GTSTD) can help create awareness in people about the STD testing process. This can help people in preparing themselves beforehand for the STD tests and staying at ease while the STD tests are performed. If people know how to get tested for STD they can also save

Common STD Symptoms - Know When To Take Remedial Actions For STDs

STD - United States

Knowing about the common STD symptoms is helpful because many STDs (sexually transmitted diseases) have almost the same symptoms. So, if you know about these common STD symptoms you can keep a check on your health with regards to most STDs by spotting them in time so that you can get tested for STDs

What Does STD Stand For?


Today, most people are unaware of the STD definition, do not know what the abbreviation STD stands for and do not know about the perils of STD even though the STD statistics are on the rise all over the world and a lot of campaigns organized by many health organizations and governments are creating awareness about STDs.

How to Test For STD? Sexually Transmitted Diseases


Getting tested for STDs can be a hassle for people who are not familiar with the process of how to test for STD. This and the fact that STDs are a worldwide epidemic highlight the importance of a need to create awareness in people about how to test for STD. This can be helpful for people by letting them keep a regular check on their health

[Pubic Lice] What Are Crabs STD? Causes, Remedies, Preventions & Symptoms Of STD Crabs


Many people want to know about, what are crabs STD? because it is a sexually transmitted disease which is called by many names. This article will help you understand about what are crabs STD, how you can get the crabs STD and its prevention and treatment methods. Crabs is a STD (sexually transmitted