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STD gonorrhea which is also known as the clap, a very common STD (sexually transmitted disease) in the United States. Stats indicate that approximately 3 million new cases of STD gonorrhea appear in the country each year and yet many people do not know a lot about it. They also misspell STD gonorrhea as ghonarea, ghonerea, ghoneria, ghonnerea, ghonoria, ghonorrea, gohnorea, gonaria, gonerea, gonnarea, gonneria. These spelling mistakes can be ignored but if contracted the STD should be treated immediately because it can cause infertility in both men and women.


STD gonorrhea is caused by a bacterium known as Neisseria gonorrhoeae. It spreads mostly through sexual contact be it anal, oral or vaginal. Most people that get infected by STD gonorrhea develop symptoms within ten days but another interesting thing about this STD is that 1/2 of women and 1/10 of men who have gonorrhea have no symptoms at all and this is one reason the disease spreads conveniently.


These facts;


  1. STD gonorrhea is very common in people
  2. STD gonorrhea can cause infertility in men and women
  3. Many people do not develop any symptoms of STD gonorrhea


Make it very important that awareness about STD gonorrhea is created and this article will inform you about how you can prevent yourself from STD gonorrhea, its symptoms and treatment methods.


Prevention From STD Gonorrhea


Prevention from STD gonorrhea is easy and simple if the following measures are taken;


  • Choose your sexual partner carefully

  • Know about your sexual partners health

  • Use female or latex condoms if you or your partner have more than one sexual partners

  • Always wash yourself thoroughly before and after having sex

  • Never share your undergarments, towels, bed linens etc etc. with people whose health condition you don't know about

  • Do not do alcohol and drug abuse

  • Get tested for STDs regularly


Symptoms Of STD Gonorrhea


Symptoms of STD gonorrhea are different in both men and women so we will discuss them separately



1.  Symptoms Of STD Gonorrhea In Men


  1. Colored and watery discharge from the penis

  2. Feeling pain while urination

  3. Feeling a burning sensation while urination

  4. Swelling of the tip of the penis or genitals

  5. Itching in the anus

  6. Itching in the throat and mouth


2.  Symptoms Of STD Gonorrhea In Women


  1. Frequent and painful urination

  2. Abnormal discharge from the vagina

  3. Bleeding while having sex

  4. Abnormal bleeding during periods

  5. Pain the belly

  6. Itching and bleeding from the anus

  7. Itching in the throat and mouth

  8. Fever and tiredness


If any of these symptoms develop in a person that person needs to go for a STD gonorrhea test immediately. If STD gonorrhea is diagnosed the treatment needs to begin immediately


Treatment Of STD Gonorrhea


Treatment Of STD Gonorrhea can be done within weeks with the help of professional advice and antibiotics.


STD gonorrhea is treated with the help of the following antibiotics:


  • Cefixime

  • Doxycycline

  • Cefuroxime

  • Cefpodoxime

  • Erythromycin into the eye

  • Ceftriaxone by injection

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