[Pubic Lice] What Are Crabs STD? Causes, Remedies, Preventions & Symptoms Of STD Crabs

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Many people want to know about, what are crabs STD? because it is a sexually transmitted disease which is called by many names. This article will help you understand about what are crabs STD, how you can get the crabs STD and its prevention and treatment methods.



What Are Crabs STD?

Crabs is a STD (sexually transmitted disease) which is also known as crabs louse or fullers. However, these are slang names of the STD. The actual name of the crabs STD is pubic lice. Pubic lice is a tiny parasitic wing-less insects. It is scientifically known as Pthirus pubis. They are called pubic lice because they usually infest the human pubic hair region but are also found in other coarse hair areas of the human body such as hairs of the legs, armpits and sometimes even in the eye lashes. Pubic louse are blood sucking insects and cause itching and red spots in the area where they feed.


Now that we know what are crabs STD? we will read about how a person can get crabs.



How Do Human Get The Crabs STD?

It is believed that the crab STD usually spreads through close body contact, most often through sexual activity, but they can also spread with the usage of the infected person’s clothes, bed sheets, towels and undergarments.



Prevention From Crabs STD?

The crabs STD is very contagious but it can be prevented easily through the following preventive ways.



Wait And Verify

Waiting to verify the health of your sexual partner is the biggest prevention way you can use to avoid getting the crabs STD.



Avoid Usage Of Clothes And Garments Of Infected People

Once it is determined that a person has the crabs STD. It is recommended to avoid any sexual contact with them and person should also avoid usage of the infected person’s clothes, bed sheets, towels and undergarments.



Avoid Alcohol And Drug Abuse

Drugs and alcohol usually make a person loose his senses. This is the time when a person can make many mistakes in regards to their sexual health. So in order to avoid the crabs STD, alcohol and drug use should be avoided.



Treatment Of The Crabs STD?

The crabs STD is very irritating and painful so it is always a relief to get rid off them before they spread to the other parts of the body, more importantly other family members and the loved ones.


Here are some remedies you can follow to get rid off crabs for good.


  • Remove Pubic Lice and Eggs. This can be done by simply shaving off the pubes and cleaning the effective area thoroughly.
  • If you do not want to shave off the pubes then you will have to use a lice-killing lotion, an anti-lice mousse spray or a anti-lice shampoo on the effected area. (The lice-killing lotion usually contains 1% permethrin, the mousse spray contains pyrethrins and piperonyl butoxide). These products are easily available without a prescription at any good drug store or pharmacy.
  • Treatment of crabs STD needs to be repeated for a week or two so that you can make sure that no eggs or pubic lice survives.
  • Check you family members and loved ones for crabs. Make sure that you haven't spread your STD through your clothes, bed linens and towels.
  • It is also recommended that while you deal with the crabs STD you also see a health care provider and get tested for other STDs (sexually transmitted diseases).


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