Sesame Seeds Health Benefits: Sesame Seed A Symbol of Immortality

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Sesame Seeds Health Benefits: Sesame Seed A Symbol of Immortality - The sesame seed is obtained from a flowering plant native to Africa and India. The sesame plant has been domesticated from well over 3000 years and is grown commercially because of its overwhelming demand. This is because these nutty flavored and crunchy seeds have been used for its oil and consumed as a whole by humans since many centuries.


Ancient Chinese, Egyptians and Indians have been known to use the sesame seeds in their medicine and in the modern world the sesame seeds are recognized as super seeds for their many health benefits. In this article we will share with you many of the health benefits the sesame seeds are packed with so that you add these wonderful seeds in your diet and live a healthy life.



The Amazing Health Benefits Of The Sesame Seed

  • Sesame seeds are packed with minerals necessary for the human body such as iron, manganese, copper, phosphorous and calcium

  • Sesame seeds prevent Osteoporosis and make the bones strong

  • Sesame seeds prevent tooth decay and stop bleeding of the gums

  • Sesame seeds help against bad breath and dry throat

  • Sesame seeds are rich in anti-oxidants, fight free radicals and prevent aging of the skin

  • Sesame seeds are natural anti-depressant. They fight stress and hypertension

  • Consumption of sesame seeds prevent cancer

  • Sesame seeds are anti-inflammatory and provide pain relief

  • Sesame seeds lower the risk of antibiotic induced kidney damage

  • Sesame seeds lower cholesterol

  • Sesame seeds help in controlling the blood pressure

  • Sesame seeds help against hangovers and are good for the brain

  • Sesame seeds are a high source of mono-saturated fatty acids

  • Sesame seeds are an excellent source of vitamin E and B

  • Sesame seeds are good for the respiratory system and aid against asthma

  • Sesame seeds contain Lignans

  • Sesame seeds are a good source of phytosterols which is how they enhance the immune system

  • Sesame seed oil is good for the hair and help against fungal and bacterial problem of the scalp and thinning of the hair. They also make the hairs shine, help in hair growth and prevent graying of the hair

  • Sesame seeds are a strong source of fiber and mucilage and help with digestion and gastrointestinal problems


Apart from the above sesame seeds have many more health benefits which is why they are considered a symbol of immortality in the Hindu culture. If a small quantity (1/4 cup) of sesame seeds is consumed on a daily basis it can do wonders and help you live a healthy life.


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