Reasons of Depression in Teenagers, Know What the Symptoms Are And Learn What You Can Do To Help Your Teen

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Depression in teenagers is not just the occasional mood swings but a persistent problem which in the long run can cause severe behavioral, emotional, functional and physical problems in your teen. Depression in teenagers has grown to become a serious medical problem these days. A recent study indicates that almost 1 out 5 teenagers have suffered with depression at some point.


So if you think that you’re adolescent is being irritable and just unhappy because that is how teens are supposed to be, think again. Your teen may be showing the symptoms of depression in teenagers.


Reasons for Depression in Teenagers

Being bullied at school
Peer pressure
Not getting good grades at school
Social Status
Sexual or Physical Harassment
Family Instability


Teens can be effected mentally by many small things as well which may not seem a big problem to an adult so you have to watch closely to determine any symptoms of depression in teenagers.


Symptoms of Depression in Teenagers

Skipping school
Lack of interest in any physical or mental activity
Not hanging out with friends
Difficulty in staying focused, remembering information, and taking decisions
Difficulty in staying focused, remembering information, and taking decisions
Feeling guilty, unimportant
Feelings negative and unhappy all the time
Being rebellious
Sleeping disorders that include waking up early, insomnia or sleeping all the time
Feeling irate, itchy and grumpy
Overeating or not eating
Feeling pains in the body including headaches and cramps even after taking medication
Problems in digesting food and stomach aches
Thoughts of attempting a suicide and ending one's life


If your teen shows any of these symptoms of depression in teenagers you need not worry because no matter how bad, depression in teenagers is treatable with the help of therapy and medication. All you have to do is trying and help your adolescent yourself or in the worst case scenario seek help of a health expert.


Treatment of Depression in Teenagers

Help your teen do the following things:

Encourage your teen to carry on with their regular life; hang out with friends, go to school, read books, exercise.
Encourage your teen to talk to you more often
Take your teen out on a vacation
Boost their self esteem
Be patient and persistent
Listen to your teens concerns, acknowledge them but don't advice
Seek help from a health professional

Only give your teen medication with the recommendation of an expert


If you follow even some of the above mentioned points within weeks you will see the difference in the health and behavior of your teen


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