5 Way to Prevent Hemorrhoids During Pregnancy

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Hemorrhoids during pregnancy are common. For those women who face complaints of acute or chronic constipation often are likely to face them during their pregnancy trimesters too. Hemorrhoids are caused by swelling of veins in the rectum. They can be a size of a pea or a grape and are basically swollen areas in the rectal area of the body.


What is the Cause of Hemorrhoids During Pregnancy

Hemorrhoids have effects of itching, and cause great discomfort. In severe conditions they can be painful also. Hemorrhoids during pregnancy are often encountered during the second and third trimester of pregnancy. They can be bad enough to cause rectal bleeding during pregnancy.


Most women are likely to get them for the first time when they are pregnant but others may have experienced them before pregnancy too. After pregnancy is over and you have given birth to your baby, these hemorrhoids will go away, and you can ease them during pregnancy too in various ways, particularly if you take measures to avoid constipation.

Hemorrhoids during pregnancy are common as you become more prone to them while you are pregnant.


One reason is that you often experience constipation during pregnancy, and the other major reason is that your growing uterus may put pressure on your pelvic veins as well as the inferior vena cava; which is a large vein in the right side that is meant to receive the flow of blood from the lower portion of your limbs. This pressure causes the blood flow to slow down and thus leads to hemorrhoids in the rectal area of a pregnant woman’s body.


Another probable reason for hemorrhoids during pregnancy is an increase in the hormonal levels that causes the walls of your veins to relax, which ultimately allows them to swell more conveniently.


Thus preparing for pregnancy also calls for taking better care of you, in order to avoid or ease the many discomforts that accompany a pregnancy like hemorrhoids.

To deal with hemorrhoids during pregnancy and easing their presence in your rectum during pregnancy, doctors recommend the following ways:

Dip the lower part of your body in plain warm water for 10-15 minutes every day – this shall ease the pain

Use cotton pads soaked in witch hazel and apply them to your anal area. Witch hazel is easily available at various pharmacies, such as CVS Caremark, Walgreen Co, Rite aid corporation, Meijer , Shopko stores and almost all the common drugstores in your locality

Ice can be used to help ease the swelling and thus swelling that causes hemorrhoids can be comforted. You should use ice several times a day to find relief from swelling

Consistently sitting or a lot of sitting may put a lot of pressure on your anus and rectum, and this pressure will only worsen your hemorrhoids. It’s good to take a walk or just lie on your side, and if sitting is most required then you should take breaks

Drink lot of water, take as many fluids as you can and include plenty of fiber to avoid or control constipation as much as you can, as it is a very common cause of hemorrhoids.

Hemorrhoids may not just vanish but can be eased by use of certain creams that are meant for treating hemorrhoids during pregnancy and only your doctor or a medical practitioner can recommend ones that are safe to use during pregnancy

Remember that once they occur, these hemorrhoids may not completely go away immediately and may continue through the second and particularly third trimester of pregnancy, but the useful tip for treating hemorrhoids during pregnancy as mentioned above can help you gain some relief. If your hemorrhoids continue to get worse or cause bleeding; you should immediately consult your doctor.

Hemorrhoids During Pregnancy

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