Ectopic Pregnancy Symptoms & Signs

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Ectopic pregnancy symptoms are pretty much the same as that of a normal pregnancy. However; unlike normal pregnancy this ectopic pregnancy may rarely survive and can be life threatening for the mother too.


In a normal pregnancy a woman’s ovary releases a fertile egg into the fallopian tube that upon meeting with a sperm moves to the uterus and attaches to its lining, where it grows into a baby over a period of nine months, whereas; an Ectopic pregnancy is one in which the egg meets with a sperm but does not get into the uterus and rather sticks to either one of the ovaries or an organ in the female abdomen.


This form of pregnancy though is not good news for you and may take you by shock, but unfortunately it is also not rare. In United States alone out of every fifty pregnancies that doctors come across, at least one turns out to be an ectopic pregnancy.


Ectopic pregnancy may have severe consequences in case it ends up into excessive bleeding through vagina. Also it may be hard to confirm that you have ectopic pregnancy initially and in most cases the doctors are only able to confirm it once pregnancy has already grown for eight weeks. This is because the ectopic pregnancy symptoms are the same as that of a normal pregnancy that causes tiredness, feelings of weakness, abdominal cramps, nausea and even vomiting.


The renowned gynaecologists of United States and UK list down the most common symptoms of an Ectopic pregnancy as:


Constant pain in one side of the body
Nausea and vomiting
Vaginal bleeding
Weakness and feeling of extreme tiredness 
Abdominal pains and acute abdominal cramps


In severe cases; the fallopian tube may rapture and cause excessive bleeding through vagina causing enough loss of blood that may lead to fainting. It is important to visit your gynaecologist immediately in such situations the damaged fallopian tube may call for hemorrhaging; severe bleeding that can be life threatening for both the infant and the mother.

Ectopic pregnancy is common because the factors that may cause it are numerous. Doctors usually list down the probable causes of an ectopic pregnancy as:


Sexually transmitted diseases such as chlamydia and gonorrhea
Previous history of pelvic inflammatory disease, also known as PID in the mother or a previously undergone pelvic surgery (Doctors at Virgina Hospital Center can best educate you on this one)
History of an ectopic pregnancy
Use of birth control medication and specifically intrauterine device also famous as an IUD to prevent birth


Unsuccessful treatments aimed at “tying the tubes” so to close the fallopian tube for you to avoid pregnancy permanently are often a reason behind an ectopic pregnancy.  This kind of surgery is medically termed as tubal ligation and is intended to prevent birth permanently.


If you undergo a surgery aimed at tubal ligation that is not successful then you are likely to experience ectopic pregnancy in your next pregnancy. In vitro fertility treatments may also cause ectopic pregnancy, if the woman later at a point in time, who has received such a treatment earlier, gets pregnant. On the other hand; excessive use or simply use of fertility drugs may also be a cause of an ectopic pregnancy.


Diagnosis of an ectopic pregnancy is often done through the many commonly performed pregnancy tests, pelvic examinations or simply an ultrasound. Ectopic pregnancy may end up being a sad experience for a probable mother because the risks are high especially if the fallopian tube is congenitally abnormal .i.e. abnormal at the time of its birth. Nevertheless; this is not it, as you may experience a fertile and healthy pregnancy the next time around.



Ectopic Pregnancy

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