Cramps During Pregnancy Helping Guide for Women

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Cramps during pregnancy or cramping during pregnancy is common. It usually occurs due to changes in your body’s physic during pregnancy and the dynamics of your hormone levels. Cramps during pregnancy are not to be alarmed about and they may persist during all three pregnancy trimesters.


Causes of Cramps During Pregnancy:

During the first 10 weeks of pregnancy, cramps may occur only due to implantation after your ovaries have ovulated. Once your pregnancy test suggests a positive, you should only expect to get cramps because it’s really natural. Cramping during pregnancy also qualifies for an early pregnancy sign.


As your baby grows in your uterus, your uterus will have to expand to make room for your growing baby. The ligaments attached to your uterus will have to stretch in order for it to expand and this this expansion will definitely give you cramps in the abdominal area.


Constipation of gas trouble during pregnancy is common and during early pregnancy these may also cause cramping If you face cramps during pregnancy along with bleeding, visit your doctor immediately as this may lead to a miscarriage, or may be a sign of ectopic pregnancy where the fertile egg does not reach out to your uterus from your fallopian tube and grows in it. Bleeding during pregnancy with pain and cramps on one side are alarming and this condition should be referred to the doctor at its earliest.


During the entire pregnancy timeline or through the entire pregnancy calendar you may encounter cramping or abdominal pain. These cramps are so obvious to occur that researchers have actually named them and described them carefully for better understanding of pregnant women.


Here are the Types of Cramps During Pregnancy Trimesters:

Braxton Hicks: named after John Braxton Hicks, these cramps are so painful that they occur to you as an alarm of a maturing pregnancy. You may think that you are about to give birth, only to find out that it’s not the time yet. Braxton Hicks are contractions that cause severe cramping during pregnancy particularly during second and third trimester of pregnancy.


Round ligament: this occurs as the uterus expands to allow for the baby to find space to grow. This can cause cramping and pains in your abdominal area during pregnancy.Leg cramps: These cramps occur as the growing uterus puts pressure on your veins causing the blood flow in the lower part of your body to slow down.


Premature pregnancy or preterm pregnancy can also be revealed if craping accompanies diarrhea or back pains anytime between the 20-37 weeks of pregnancy. Thus if you face such a health condition you should visit your doctor. Also; if you suffer through severe abdominal cramps really often while urinating then you should consult your doctor because these can be a sign of urinary tract infection also known as UTI. A UTI during pregnancy is due to a bacterial inflammation during pregnancy in your urinary tract.


Things to do, to Ease Cramps During pregnancy:

Wear comfortable clothes
Rest with your legs or feet elevated (use a cushion)
Drink a lot of water and take fluids to avoid constipation and stay hydrated
Include exercise in your routine and stretch properly before and after
Take healthy diet and fiber. Also watch your weight during pregnancy. Though its common to gain weight during pregnancy but if you feel you are gaining too quickly or excessively; you should visit your doctor


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