How Much Weight Gain During Pregnancy

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Pregnancy weight gain is common and on average, women holding a single baby main gain 8-20kgs or 16-40 pounds of weight during pregnancy. Usually women confuse eating during pregnancy with eating for two and eat a lot. Now eating a lot during pregnancy is not really needed but a healthy and balanced diet during pregnancy is what is required.


You should watch your diet during pregnancy and through all three trimesters, to ensure for your baby to have proper nutrients for healthy growth. Proper diet may also help you avoid constipation and have proper sleep during pregnancy.


How much weight would you gain during pregnancy?

A woman who weighs average before pregnancy may gain another 25-35 pounds after getting pregnant. On the other hand, an underweight woman may gain 28-40 pounds after she gets pregnant. In cases where a woman is already overweight, she might only need another 15-20 pounds to allow for her baby to grow inside her.


Week by week pregnancy and weight gain:

During the first 3 months of your pregnancy, you are expected to gain 2 to 4 pounds on average. After the first three months are over your weight gain potential may increase and you are expected to gain a pound every week. This is in case you are pregnant with a single infant, but if you are expecting twins then you may gain 1 and ½ pounds every week after the first three months are over.


This calls for an overall 35-45 pounds of weight gain for an average weight woman after she is pregnant.

Your health care provider may also recommend you to lose weight while you are pregnant in case you are overweight.  In such circumstances; weight loss should be carefully done under prescriptions of your doctor. Weight loss during pregnancy is not usually good and for those who are preparing to get pregnant, it is important that they watch their diet and take healthy diet as a prerequisite.


It’s good to take small and healthy meals during pregnancy five to six times a day for a pregnant woman. Fluids should be included in your diet to help you stay hydrated and prevent constipation during pregnancy as well as ease the hemorrhoids and accompanying discomforts that are likely to occur during pregnancy. Fiber is always good.


Break-up of extra weight that you put on during pregnancy is as follows for a healthy pregnant woman:

Almost 8 pounds of your total weight gain during pregnancy goes to the baby only. Another 2 to 3 pounds may be consumed by your placenta. The tissues of your breast may consume 2 to 3 pounds as well. The entire blood supply may comprise of approximately 4 pounds of the overall weight gain during pregnancy.


Amniotic fluids in the body of a pregnant woman may take 2 to 3 pounds of weight gain. Also as the uterus expands; it may consume 2 to 5 pounds. Your body may also take another 5 to 9 pound for breast feeding after delivery and store enough fat to be utilized at the time of delivery. These stats are based upon researches aimed at weight gain during pregnancy in US and UK for women who gain an average of 25 to 35 pounds of weight during pregnancy.

Pregnancy Weight Gain

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