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Spinach Health Benefits & Detailed Nutrition Facts Amazing Superfood

Spinach is a flowering leafy green that belongs to the Amaranth family. It is believed that Spinach originated in Persia from where it reached Europe in the 12th century and became a favorite vegetable of many people. Spinach is now grown in many parts of the world including the United States, Europe and Asia. It is an annual vegetable and is grows in the winter season of temperate areas.

Moringa Health Benefits - Its Nutrition Facts & Medicinal Benefits

Moringa tree, sometimes known as miracle tree, drumstick tree or horseradish tree is the sole genus in the flowering plant family Moringaceae. The moringa plant is native to Asia and parts of Africa and has a history that dates back to 2000 BCE. It has been used in herbal medicine in the subcontinent and has been a part of the diet of ancient Greek, Roman and Egyptian, kings and queens.

Goji Berry Nutrition Facts A Superfood With Amazing Health Benefits

Goji berry has a history dating back to 6000 years. The fruit is native to China and Tibet and is famous there because of its many amazing health benefits including; immune system and brain activity enhancement, life expectancy improvement and protection against heart disease and cancer. Yet, this shriveled red berry is little known in the rest of the world.

Chamomile Tea Benefits And Nutrition Information

Chamomile or camomile is a name commonly used for a daisy like plant that has been used for a thousand of years to prepare traditional medicine. Chamomile plant has two types; German chamomile and Roman chamomile. Both these types of chamomile are native to Western Europe and western Asia.

Walnut Nutrition Facts and Health Benefits – A Superfood Nut

Walnuts are nuts that are harvested from any species of trees that belongs to the family Juglans. The Walnut has two most common major species, the English walnut that originated in Persia, and the black walnut which is native to eastern North America.

Watercress Health Benefits and Nutrition Facts – A Superfood

Watercress is a rapidly growing aquatic plant native to Europe, North Africa and Asia. Historians indicate that it is one of the oldest leafy green consumed by man. The vegetable is a winter crop as it grows in temperate climates near rivers, springs and streams. Watercress has small, oval, deep green succulent leaves with a peppery taste.

Fava Beans Nutrition Information And Health Benefits

Fava beans - These Mediterranean originated smooth, sweet and rich tasting are a species of beans that are native to north Africa, southwest and south Asia. They are shiny green in color and have an irregular oval, broad and flat shape. Fava beans are also known as broad bean, faba bean, field bean, bell bean, or tic bean in different places around the world.

Lima Beans Nutrition Facts and Health Benefits - An Amazing Superfood

Lima beans or butter beans are extracted from Phaseolus lunatus a legume grown for the latter. They are native to Lima, Peru where they have a history dating back to The Moche Culture (0-800 CE). Currently Lima beans are grown in many parts of Central America, South America, the Caribbean and many other places around the world because it can sustain itself in warm climates.

Mung Beans Nutrition Facts And Health Benefits

Mung beans also known as moong bean and green gram are a plant species in the legume family. They are native to the subcontinent where they are extensively grown along with China and Southeast Asia.

Pinto Beans Amazing Superfood For Good Health

Pinto beans are a species of the common beans. They are native to Mexico where they are used to cook many traditional dishes including re-fried beans. Currently Pinto beans are grown in many parts of North America as well as Mexico.

Salmon Fish Nutrition Facts And Health Benefits

Salmon is a commonly used name of a fish species that is native to the tributaries of North Atlantic and Pacific Ocean and belongs to the fish family Salmonidae. Salmon is a fresh water fish because it gives birth in freshwater and migrates to the ocean and has to migrate back to freshwater to reproduce.

Triticale is a Hybrid of Grass Crops

Triticale is a hybrid of grass crops, wheat and rye. It was first cultivated in the laboratories of Scotland and Sweden in the early 19th century to take advantage of rye's hardiness and wheat's high yields. It is now grown mostly all over Europe and in some parts of North America as well.