Maca Benefits for Health A Superfood

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Maca Benefits:Lepidium meyenii commonly known as Maca is an ancient Peruvian superfood. Native to the high Andes of Peru the Maca root belongs to the family of cauliflower, cabbage, broccoli and similar green leaf vegetables.

Also known as the “Peruvian ginseng”, Maca is usually available in powder form and has been used in Peru to boost stamina, increase energy and hormonal balance for thousands of years. Today the modern world has recognized the healthy benefits of Maca and has given it the status of a superfood.


Maca Benefits


Here we will discuss the benefits of Maca so that you can gain the health benefits from this amazing vegetable.


Health Benefits Of Maca

Maca is rich in minerals such as; calcium, potassium, iron, magnesium, phosphorous and zinc. It also has 6 types of sterols and upto 20 essential fatty acids. It is also rich in lipids, fiber, carbohydrates, protein and amino acids. These essential nutrients give Maca amazing powers to benefit the human body. It is known to provide different health benefits to both men and women. So here we will discuss them separately.


Health Benefits of Maca for Men

  • Maca boosts the stamina and alleviates the symptoms of chronic fatigue.
  • Maca increases energy.
  • Maca treats sexual dysfunction.
  • Maca nourishes the glandular system and enhances its performance.
  • Maca boosts fertility.
  • Maca decrease mental stress and depression and improves emotional well being.
  • Maca stabilizes the nervous, cardiovascular and muscular systems in the body.
  • Maca balances the hormones in the body.

Health Benefits of Maca for Women

  • Maca helps in Premenstrual syndrome commonly known as PMS.
  • Maca provides menopause symptom relief.
  • Maca increases sexual stimulation.
  • Maca nourishes the glandular system.
  • Maca is a proven alternative for Hormone replacement therapy.
  • Maca increases energy and alleviates the symptoms of chronic fatigue.
  • Maca boosts the stamina.
  • Maca is amazing for hormonal balance.

Along with its benefits Maca has a few side effects that can occur due to its over usage. These are;


Side Effects of Maca

  • Maca has high quantities of iodine that can worsen the symptoms of the thyroid disease.
  • Maca can cause allergic reactions such as hives, fatigue and flushed skin.
  • Too much Maca can cause acne.
  • Maca can cause upset stomach, heartburn and nausea.
  • Maca can increase the heat rate and result in a headache.
  • These side effects of Maca can be easily avoided if its intake quantity is not abnormal.


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