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Information on how to get tested for STD (GTSTD) can help create awareness in people about the STD testing process. This can help people in preparing themselves beforehand for the STD tests and staying at ease while the STD tests are performed. If people know how to get tested for STD they can also save a lot of money by not falling prey to the fraudulent medical products that claim to test or cure STDs and are available in the market easily.


Here we will help you learn how to get tested for STD so that you can familiarize yourself with the STD testing process before you go down to get tested for STD.




How To Get Tested For STD?


To get tested for STD (sexually transmitted disease) you will have to visit a health care specialist or a doctor. For that you may need to take an appointment or you can go a rapid testing clinic or a laboratory. Once you are at a medical facility the STD tests may comprise of the following procedures;


a). Physical Examination


The purpose of a physical examination is to spot any symptoms of STD on the body. For this the doctor or the health care specialist may check your body especially your genitals, penis, vagina, anus or the throat for any warts, bumps, sores or rashes. If any STD symptoms are spotted the doctor may advice you some medicine for the treatment or may refer you for further testing to get more insight.


b). Blood Sample Testing


A blood sample is tested for STD to discover the bacteria associated with the STD. For this a blood sample is taken either by a needle or by a prick. Results of a blood test may take a couple of days or weeks to arrive depending on which the doctor or the health care specialist may advice treatment.


c). Urine Sample Testing


A urine sample is checked for any bacteria associated with STDs in this test. To perform this test a urine sample is required for which you will be asked urinate in a cup. To provide the correct sample you are advised to follow these steps:

  • Clean your hands.
  • Hold the cup and begin to urinate, but not in the cup.
  • When the first part of urine has come out start collecting a sample of the urine "mid-stream" in the cup.

When done cover the cup with a lid.


d). Swab Sample Testing


To check for STDs a swab sample maybe required. To collect a swab sample the cotton part of the swab is rubbed in various places such as the vagina, genitals, anus or throat to collect samples of cell tissues, discharge, mucus or saliva. Once these samples are collected they are sent to a laboratory for testing.


These are the processes through which you may have to go through while you are getting tested for STDs.


It is highly recommended that you get tested for STDs regularly if you are involved in any kind of sexual activities regardless of your gender. STDs are dangerous and require and early treatment which can only be prescribed once you are diagnosed.


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