How to Cope With Depression, 10 Steps That Will Help You Cope With Depression and Get Rid Of It

Depression - (on January 20, 2015 05:25 AM)

How to cope with depression, do you feel sad and unhappy all the time? Ever thought that you may be suffering with depression? Want to know how you can get rid of these gloomy, irritable and depressed feelings? You need to learn how to cope with depression so that you can get rid of it.


Depression is a mental disease in which the effected person feels those blue and miserable feelings abnormally. If it is not treated in time, depression can affect the person in various ways; the most severe being disability and suicidal attempts. So it is very necessary to get rid of it as early as possible. This can be done with the help of a mental health professional and medication but all help starts at home and if the person suffering knows how to cope with depression the positive results can be achieved efficiently and quickly.


Here we share some tips which will teach you how to cope with depression so that you can get rid of it easily and at the earliest.


Stop Thinking Negatively

The first step in getting rid from depression is terminating the negative thoughts. When you are depressed, most thoughts you get are negative so if you know how to end these thoughts you will learn how to cope with depression. For this you need to use logic to contradict all the negative vibes you get about yourself. Everything in the world comes with advantages and disadvantages so you need to quit being a perfectionist.


Look for Support

In depression having support of the right kind of people that will motivate you with your effort of beating depression is the best help. To seek support you can turn to your best friend or a family member. Tell them about what you are going through and try to follow what they tell you. You can also join support groups for depression where other people suffering with depression help each other.


Set a Routine

Treatment of depression requires you to change your routine. Depression has likely destroyed your healthy day to day routine so if you set a mild new routine it will surely help you get back on track.


Set Targets for Yourself

One of the best ways to deal with depression is to set goals. This creates a sense of responsibility and your inner self motivates you to push back. Depression may make you feel that you can't do anything right so start by setting small targets like tiding up your room.


Spruce Up Yourself

If you want to deal with depression you have to take care of yourself. So you need to try and look good to yourself and other around you. Take a long hot bath, shave, comb your hair and wear and nice clean suit or dress. This will brighten up your day and make you feel light.



When you are depressed any physical activity more like exercising will be the last thing you would want to do. Exercise is a proven tool in dealing with depression and in some cases has proven even more powerful than taking antidepressant medication. So start low and then build up on your momentum. Continuous exercises such as walking, swimming, biking and yoga are good choices.


Eat Healthy

Eating healthy is the easiest and the best help with depression. Fatty foods not only build up on your belly but also lead to a crash in energy. Eat meals that will boost your moods such as whole-wheat pasta, citrus fruits, beans, chicken, brown rice and those leafy greens. You can even try using a chromium rich supplement as studies indicate that chromium picolinate is very helpful for people that overeat or oversleep.



Sleeping for a healthy eight hours a day is a well thought-out way to deal with depression. It’s hard to sleep in depression and you need to start by going to bed and getting up at the same time. Remove all distractions such as your phone, laptop or television from your bedroom or bed space. With the passage of time you’re sleeping routine will surely improve.


Enjoy Life

Depression ends all the things that need to be enjoyed in life so as hard as it sounds try to enjoy life. Do things that make you happy, go out, meet new people, care for a pet, enjoy the company of your family member. Continue to do so and don't stop. You won't even know it and you will start feeling energetic and happy again.


See A Doctor

Need more help to how to cope with depression? Therapeutic sessions with a doctor are very helpful in dealing with depression. So if you feel that you need additional assistance visit your nearest doctor/psychiatrist. You can also use antidepressant medication but always consult a doctor before that.


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