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Consider about and read early HIV symptoms in women... You should get know about what are the common symptoms and signs of HIV or AIDS infection in women to be treated early. Early HIV Symptoms in Women: Most of the times one can't tell from looking at someone if or not they've got HIV positive, this is so because early HIV/AIDS symptoms in women may don't appear for years, sometimes for decades even. Therefore, keep testing whether you’re infected with HIV or not is the best job to do especially if you had an unprotected sexual intercourse with known or unknown HIV infected partner.


Alone in United States, there are two out of every three cases of HIV infection are of women. So while living in America it would be highly risky if you ignore the fact and not intend to take a test.


As Michael Horberg, MD, director of HIV/AIDS for Kaiser Permanente, in Oakland, Calif. says, "In the early stages of HIV infection, the most common symptoms are none,"


However, yet there are some sign that could be blessings for you to be detected without taking the tests whether you’re HIV infected or not. As you know the earlier you detect the HIV, the longer will be the chance to enjoy the breaths.


Signs and Symptoms of HIV Positive in Women

One of the common and earlier signs of HIV infection in women specifically and in men generally is flulike symptoms. About 40% to 90% of people experience flulike symptoms known as acute retroviral syndrome (ARS). Other signs and symptoms of HIV/AIDS in women are given as following.


Vaginal HIV Symptoms

The women suspected of HIV-Positive may have to face signs of different vaginal infections and problems such as vaginal yeast infections, disturbance in their menstrual cycles, abnormal pap smears or pelvic inflammatory disease etc.

As HIV weakens women’s immune system, imbalance occurs in organism leads to yeast infection. If you’re HIV, you’ll feel itching in the vaginal. Feeling pain while sexual intercourse and or urination is also one of the signs of yeast infection due to HIV infection.


In addition, an infection in uterus, fallopian tubes and ovaries like organs of women is also a sign of vaginal HIV symptoms due to Pelvic inflammatory disease. Some of the symptoms of Pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) are following.

  • Lower abdominal pain

  • Abnormal vaginal discharge

  • Fever

  • Pain in the upper right abdomen

  • Painful intercourse

  • Irregular menstrual bleeding


Moreover, as you know HIV attacks on your immune system, that immediately disturbs your hormones release such as testosterone, oestrogen and progesterone etc. resultantly, in women, these changing in hormonal system also disturbs the menstrual cycle, could be one of the early signs and symptoms of HIV in which a women may have to experience following.

  • More or less frequent periods

  • Periods that last for longer than usual

  • Missed periods

  • Heavier or lighter periods

  • No period for 90 days or more

  • Spotting or bleeding between periods


Genital Ulcers

Genital ulcers (GUD) could also be an early sign of HIV in women particularly. Adding Warts or Herpes in this case are more visible signs. Where Warts are small, usually painless growths on the skin and Herpes is an infection of the lips, mouth, or gums. Some of the symptoms of Genital ulcers are given below,

  • Painful blisters or open sores around the genital area.

  • Tingling or burning in legs, buttocks and genitals prior to sores appearing.


There are many other signs and symptoms of HIV in women are not worth to mention here, as this article suggest only specific signs which are specific to women only, other than mentioned symptoms are common with respect to gender, sex and age.

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Edward Evans
Edward Evans on April 15, 2017 02:04 PM

The set of symptoms of HIV infection in each case can be different, they can appear already in 2-4 weeks after infection, and sometimes after several years. Therefore, it is so important for you and your sexual partner to be tested for HIV before starting a sexual relationship. The earlier the HIV is found in a woman, the earlier it is possible to prescribe a treatment and prevent the development of AIDS and not infect another person (then he will not say thank you).
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finkphilip on May 11, 2016 07:10 AM

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