Chlamydia is Most Noticeable Disease in USA

STD - United States (on September 12, 2014 04:14 AM)

Chlamydia is trochomatis bacteria, in large numbers are officially reported in United States by Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in 2012. About the official figures 110 million Americans are diagnosed with STD chlamydia infection in the year 2008, which are one third population of US has victim of sexually transmitted diseases. Out to that figure many are also living with HIV positive infection and figures are available official website of CDC.


CDC further said that estimated 20 million new cases are reported as STD infection including, gonorrhea 0.334 million in 2012, .047 million HIV infected in the year 2010, including syphilis 15667 new cases registered.


United States as nation is bearing around $16 billion for health care and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases annually.

It has been noticeable increment of STD infection in young people age bracket of 15 to 24 accounts for 50 percent of STD infection out of 25 percent infected population.


But annual surveillance reports only shows the some STD infections and other type of sexual transmitted diseases are not included such as HPV human papillomavirus, herpes and trichomoniasis.

According to CDC report women victim of chlamydia infection is highest in age bracket of 20 to 24 years 3695.5 out of 100000 cases and in the year 2008 to 2012 chlamydia raised in men 25% compare to just 11% increase in women.


All STD disease can be treated especially gonorrhea and syphilis if diagnosed early, so always CDC recommend the US citizen to often visit your doctor if you’re sex activities, also prefer to not having sex and only life lasting relationship with your partner can save you from STD who is not really infected. 

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