Peanut Allergy Symptoms, Causes & Treatment

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Peanut allergy can cause severe allergic reaction or nut allergy; peanut allergic symptoms can be minor annoyance or sometime life threatening, in medical terms it is one type of hypersensitivity reaction to food ingredient from peanut or nuts which can cause of over response of immune system.


Peanut allergic symptoms can quickly appear within the hour of time after eating the nuts or peanut. This question is very commonly asked what is peanut allergy or if someone are allergic from peanut or nut allergy. What they should do to avoid peanut in eating habits, infect this is the answer for those who are nut allergic or allergic from peanut.


In case you experience the severe peanut allergy reaction then doctors will inject straight away adrenaline injection which will reduce the risk in some extent but immediately visit to hospital is compulsory where doctors will start advance treatment to reduce the allergy symptoms.


What is Peanut or Nut Allergy?

Your body immune system normally fight against viral or bacterial infection, but sometimes immune system over react from any healthy substance and in response allergy symptoms appears. Allergies are common in children’s & adults, some allergies are not destructive or harmful and not create any allergic reaction in people who are not sensitive to allergy.


If you’re allergen or allergic with some food substance then might it possible you will infected with allergy, the consequences will be mild to severe depends on condition of patient to patient or it may be deadly.


Peanuts or nuts such as walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds, cashews, pecans, brazils and pistachios can be cause of allergic reaction in allergy sensitive people. Body mechanism does react if allergic people eat such foods? Infect group of cells in body medically called mast cells release the substance histamine which cause the tiny blood vessels in the tissue of body to release the fluid and finally tissue to swell.


Allergy to peanuts seems higher in children. According to study of FARE-funded, children in the United States affected with peanut allergy more than tripled between year 1997 and 2008. One research in the UK and Canada also displayed a high occurrence of peanut allergy in school going children.


Peanut allergies have a tendency to stay rest of the life, though studies specify that around 20 percent of children with peanut allergy do finally outgrow their allergy. Younger blood relations of children who are allergic to peanuts may be at bigger risk for peanuts allergy. You must visit the doctor who will guide the right remedies about testing for siblings.


What is the Symptoms of Peanut Allergy?

Symptoms of allergic reaction from nuts or peanut may vary from mild to severe reaction and symptoms can starts very soon after eating allergic food.


Mouth & lips tingling

Selling on face

Sick feeling

Urticarial (nettle rash or hives)

Colicky pains in your abdomen, tummy or stomach

 Feeling of stiffness round your throat

Breathless or trouble in breathing because of asthma or swelling around your throat

Sense of imminent doom

Enlargement of your blood vessels which can reason of redness of your skin, fast heart beat and lower blood pressure which cause collapse


The severe reaction is named anaphylaxis and medical aid is urgently required otherwise you will soon go to unconscious. Statistics show that small numbers of people are dying every year due to sever nuts or peanut allergic reaction.       


Out of three one person nuts allergen after initial reaction of nut, monitored other reaction after one to ten hours that’s important to stay at hospital longer time after the first allergic reaction.


How to Diagnose the Peanut or Nut allergy

Your doctor may dubious that symptoms are nut allergy or not, then doctor will start the question & answers from patient. The amount of food has taken by patient and allergic reaction starts, how much it takes time to start reaction and how long it stays.

Blood test which is called RAST or ELISA test that measure the protein amount term medically IgE antibody produced as a result of allergic response during test.   



Peanut Allergy

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