Symptoms of Egg Allergy, Causes & Treatments

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Egg allergy is commonly noticed in children’s, allergy symptoms from eggs are happened due to recognizing certain protein, but this is not a case particularly seen in children but victims of egg allergy may be adults instead to understand the safe proteins system mark it dangerous attacker. 


Fact about Allergy

In general term "allergy" occurs when immune system of a human body reacts from substances like food, pollen, animal dander, mold and environment. Allergy is an undesirable reaction by immune system.


These reactions are damaging, uncomfortable and some time may be fatal because immune system of body produces substance "antibody" known as immunoglobulin which identify and protect your body from infectious agent such as bacteria and viruses.Allergies are common in people and affecting every two persons out of ten US citizens by study shows in US.


Common Food Allergies

Food allergies are growing public health concern in US and also in developing countries. Every year 15 to 16 million people are affected by food allergies; boys are mostly affected as compared to girl by food allergies in United States.


There are ranges of foods can be cause of allergies and best cure of food allergies to avoid them. Every year millions of American affected by food allergies particularly egg allergies, some cause minor symptoms but some can cause fatal and may be life-threating. Most common foods Allergies are discussed below:


1- Egg

2- Soy

3- Fish

4- Tree nuts

5- Cow's milk

6- Peanut

7- Selfish

8- Peanuts


What is Egg Allergy?

Egg is the best choice for you and your children’s health in breakfast. When you have allergic by an egg then you must think about to change your food, if you’ll still carry on by eating habits of eggs then egg allergy can affect you. Some people will be allergic with both egg yolk and egg white. Some people will be allergic with one of egg part. The good news for childhood egg allergies generally resolve in childhood.


Egg allergy is the second most common allergy in children after cow's milk. The most common food allergy reaction is known as anaphylaxis. In the result of egg allergy, the immune system of your body can not recognized egg then release immunoglobulin (antibody) to combat with harmful invaders.  In this reaction histamine release in your body that called allergic reaction and egg allergy can be all forms of eggs while it cooked or raw.


Egg Allergy Symptoms

Symptoms of egg allergy may be shown any part of body from few minutes to hours after eating egg or egg products. Egg allergy reaction varies person to person and depends on inflammatory response from immune system against foreign pathogens (bacteria and vires etc.).


There are some common symptoms by egg allergy.

1-   Swollen eyes, itchy or watery

2-   Coughing

3-   Diarrhea

4-   Red spots on the skin

5-   Swelling

6-   Vomiting

7-   Wheezing

8-   Trouble in breathing

9-   Hives

10- Throat tightness


Egg allergic may cause serious reaction known as anaphylaxis & symptoms of anaphylaxis appeared in an hour. Anaphylaxis is commonly affected skin, respiratory, cardiovascular area and usually two or more being involved of allergic person. If anaphylaxis not treated quickly, it can be life threating for patient. If the patient is serious then call 911 or your nearest hospital emergency.


How You Can Diagnosis Egg Allergy

The symptoms earlier explain are not alone guarantee that you are an egg allergic person unless you visited your doctor who determined whether you are related to egg allergic symptoms or whether there are some other reasons. May be your doctor checked all the details of your family medical history and advice you for some medical test or blood test to know about the reality of your problem.


Egg allergy treatments

The best treatment of egg allergy is very simple. It is avoided eating egg, but sometime it is very difficult to know in which food made by egg product or not. So the best way to avoid, you should need to develop a dietary plan, what to eat or not If you eat something like egg product and you feels any egg allergy symptoms like difficulty in breathing, chest pain or swelling in your mouth.  You can be allergic person then might be your doctor advised you to carry shot of epinephrine.


Epinephrine works by relieving the symptoms of anaphylaxis. One thing always remember, if your doctor suggested you to carry this for in medical emergency then you carry this medical equipment with you all the time wherever you are. Always trust on your doctor advice.


Egg Allergy

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