Egg Allergy: Symptoms and prevention

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Like other food allergies, Egg allergy is common in children respectively adults. Symptoms include skin reaction, fast heart beats, runny nose, wheezing or vomiting and some time if allergic person allergic are not treated immediately, it might be at risk in some cases.


Egg Allergy:

Egg allergy is one of the types of food allergies and second most common around the world, according to some study recently shows that approximately every 4 people suffer every year with food allergies out of 100. Most concerning issue is that children are more affected by food allergies than adults.


When the human body’s immune system disallowed some harmless substance like egg protein, our immune system create antibodies to offending food and release the  chemical “histamine” , which may lead some severe physical symptoms. It varies person to person and depends on the intensity of allergic reaction in body.


Symptoms Egg Allergy:

Allergy symptoms can appears to take few minutes up to 3 hours after you eat egg or food containing egg material products. The reaction of egg allergy varies person to person, might it will be mild or severe, depend on the medical history of allergic person. Symptoms of an egg allergy are similar as other type of food allergies and may include one or more. Egg allergy may be reacting minor or severe.


Minor Symptoms:

One thing should remember, some type of symptoms appears are not alone the reason of an allergy, unless your doctor or allergist diagnose it with specific test of allergy whether it is egg allergy or not and if it is an egg allergy then your medical examination find the reality of your allergic reaction is minor or severe.



Hives also known as ‘urticarial’ is the one of common sign of egg allergy symptoms, it can appear anywhere on external part of body of allergic person. It may cause reddish, burning and skin rash on the surface or it may hurtful sensation.

Congestion or nasal infection

Congestion is blockage in nasal area, in which blood vessels are swollen and it may cause a stuffy feeling to allergic patient. Nasal infection normally is just an irritation for older children or adults but it may severe inn infants.



After eating food, it goes to stomach for digestion process, it may cause abdominal pain, nausea, cramps and vomiting.



Allergic asthma is most common in people; recent study shows 90% people have an allergic asthma in their childhood. When the reaction goes in to lungs, it can cause of coughing, problem in breathing and tight chest though some time deadly or life threating, but it’s rare.


Severe Symptoms:

Sometime the egg allergy may cause severe reaction but it rare cases called “anaphylaxis” in which it may affected skin, cardiovascular, skin and respiratory area and usually two or more being involved in patient and it may can threating for allergic person.


1- Quick drop in blood pressure

2- Loss of mindfulness

3- wooziness

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