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Most Common Food allergies in Children

Food Allergy is an undesirable response produced by immune system of our body and these responses may be destructive, painful, itchy or occasionally fatal for our health.

Peanut Allergy Symptoms, Causes & Treatment

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Peanut allergy can cause severe allergic reaction or nut allergy; peanut allergic symptoms can be minor annoyance or sometime life threatening, in medical terms it is one type of hypersensitivity reaction to food ingredient from peanut or nuts which can cause of over response of immune system.

Egg Allergy: Symptoms and prevention

Like other food allergies, Egg allergy is common in children respectively adults. Symptoms include skin reaction, fast heart beats, runny nose, wheezing or vomiting and some time if allergic person are not treated immediately, it might be at risk in some cases.

Common Food Allergies You Should Know in Babies, Children & Adults

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Common food allergies are many types, if you’re allergic from food then discover to change your food habits which causes the food allergic symptoms, all foods are capable to make the reason of allergy but medically research has showed the list of foods that counts 90 percent causes to food allergic in United States.

Symptoms of Egg Allergy, Causes & Treatments

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Egg allergy is commonly noticed in children’s, allergy symptoms from eggs are happened due to recognizing certain protein, but this is not a case particularly seen in children but victims of egg allergy may be adults instead to understand the safe proteins system mark it dangerous attacker.