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Dementia risk from diabetes: Condition ages the mind FIVE years faster

HIV Vaccine: Where we Are Standing to Discover Vaccines for HIV/AIDS

HIV-Aids - United States

An HIV vaccine is a vaccine that would be used to protect a human from suspected HIV/AIDS virus which is not yet entered in body, including a vaccine that could be used for therapeutic effect for individual who have or later contract HIV/AIDS.

Frequently Asked Questions About Diabetes and Helpful Information on Diabetes

Do you or anyone you know has diabetes? Would you like to get information about diabetes? Studies indicate that diabetics are better able to control their blood sugar (glucose) levels if they have good information about the disease. This includes information about the causes, symptoms, tests, treatment of diabetes and even the preventive methods one can follow to avoid developing the lifelong chronic condition.

Most Common Food allergies in Children

Food Allergy is an undesirable response produced by immune system of our body and these responses may be destructive, painful, itchy or occasionally fatal for our health.

Sugar Diabetes, How to Manage & Control High Glucose Level

Many people confuse sugar to be the same as diabetes. This is not true. Diabetes is a group of very complex diseases with a number of causes. Intake of foods and beverages that use sugar as an ingredient in excess are a known cause of fat gain or obesity. Studies indicate that the unnecessary fat and obesity makes a person more prone to developing diabetes.

Diabetes Diet, Tips to Know Healthy Diabetes Diet & Food

Healthy diabetes diet & meal plan will help you manage, control or reverse diabetes and medically known as medical nutrition therapy to eat healthy food. Many diabetics think that because they have the disease they can’t eat enjoy their meals which is not true. Being a diabetic does not mean that you can’t enjoy diabetes diet.

Androgenetic Alopecia as One of the Women Hair Loss Types

Hair Loss - United States

There are many causes that lead women to loss their hairs. Androgenetic alopecia (AGA) is one of the very common hair loss problem women are facing today. Although androgenetic alopecia is mostly common in men, yet women are also widely affected by androgenetic alopecia. That is why alone in the United States, there are more than 20 million women suffering from same type of hair loss disease.

Type 2 diabetes, What do You Need to Know About Type 2

Diabetes - United States

Type 2 diabetes is the most common type of diabetes as it the form that affects 90% to 95% of all the people that are diagnosed with diabetes. Type 2 diabetes is also known as adult-onset, juvenile or non-insulin dependent diabetes as it is mostly diagnosed in young adults and does not need a person to be insulin dependent.

What is Diabetes? General Diabetes Facts & Information

Here we will help you know that what diabetes is. About its symptoms and how it can be controlled. Has someone in your family or friends suffered with diabetes? Have you ever wondered that what is diabetes? Diabetes is a lifelong chronic disease that affects the blood glucose or blood sugar levels in the body and increases them to an abnormal level.

HIV & AIDS Transmission Rates and Estimated Risks Per Exposures

HIV-Aids - United States

Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) transmission rates are commonly categorized in 'low risk' and 'high risk' with respect to their exposure. Exposure of HIV & AIDS virus risk is comparatively higher to transmit from blood transfusion than other factors such as female breast milk, body fluids and sexual relations. Most often sexual relations and drug-using activities are also one cause to transmit HIV virus.

What is Diabetic? Read Oral Diabetes Symptoms & Medications For Treatment

Diabetes - United States

Are you a diabetic? Being a diabetic means that the blood glucose or blood sugar levels in your body are high because either your body is not producing enough insulin or the cells of your body are resisting to the insulin that is being produced. Diabetes is a lifelong chronic disease as there is no known cure for it and a diabetic person faces various health issues some of which can be fatal, if not controlled.

What is the Medial Conditions of Alopecia Areata Barbea in Your Body

Alopecia Areata (AA) is loss of hair in patches, this is medical condition of hair baldness in small patches from scalp and other parts of body. Symptoms & causes may be different and depends on patient sex, age, gene and family background.

Symptoms of Diabetes, Causes & Signs You Must Know

Diabetes is a chronic condition which if not controlled in time can be fatal. The diabetes symptoms vary from person to person. In some people the diabetes symptoms are very severe while in other cases the symptoms are minor or close to none. Diabetes in people often goes unnoticed as the diabetes symptoms, when seen on their own, seem harmless.