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Ebola Virus is the Biggest Threat of this Decade
Dementia risk from diabetes: Condition ages the mind FIVE years faster

What is Chia Seed? Read Chia Seed Health Benefits Before You Add Them To Your Diet

Chia seeds are obtained from a flowering plant which is scientifically known as Salvia hispanica. This plant is native to Mexico and Guatemala where now it is commercially grown due to it overwhelming demand worldwide because of its health benefits. Here we will help you learn more about chia

Use These STD Prevention Methods For A Better Sex Life


STD prevention is easier than contracting one. This is true because even though STDs are an epidemic they are highly preventable according to the United States, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The CDC also says that out of the 20 million Americans that contract STDs each year many could have avoided them by simply making better sexual health decisions and using the STD prevention methods.

What Does STD Stand For? 5 Factors That Increases The Risk Of Getting An STD


What Does STD Stand For? Read About The Factors That Increase The Risk Of Getting An STD With Prevention Methods To Avoid STD. Today, STDs are an epidemic, yet, most people do not know what does STD stand for. This is a serious concern of the health organizations around the world because with the

Sexually Transmitted Diseases: What is An STD - Learning Center For STI & STDs


Learning about what is STD is becoming very important because many human beings are being effected by STDs these days. Finding about what is STD is also crucial because an STD can infect a person of any age irrespective of their gender and can have fatal consequences in some cases. So the information about what is STD can help all humans to employee the preventive methods.

Common STD Symptoms In Men and Women - Detailed Overlook on STD Symptoms


People involved in unsafe sex with multiple partners should always watch out for STD symptoms regardless of their gender. This is important because having unprotected sex maybe fun but it also puts the people involved in the sexual activities at risk of contracting various diseases some of which can be life threatening.

Signs and Symptoms of Diabetes, Know What Indicates That a Person May Have Diabetes

A lot of people that have sings & symptoms of diabetes, initially, remain unaware of the fact that they have the disease because the signs of diabetes, in the early stage of its development seem harmless and can be confused with mild sickness.

Depression Facts Which Tell You That You Need To Take It Seriously

Do you know about depression facts, it is more than just the sad, dim, unhappy, miserable and grumpy feeling that you may have felt at some point in your life. Here we share some depression facts which tell you that you need to take it seriously because if depression is not cured in time it can lead to some very serious consequences.

Teenage Depression, Read About Causes of Teenage Depression, Symptoms and Treatment

Teenage depression is not just a random mood swing that your teen may have but a persistent problem which can cause severe behavioral, emotional, functional and physical problems if not cured in time. Teenage depression has grown to become a serious medical problem as a recent study conducted in the United States indicates that most of the teenagers have suffered with depression at some point.

What Disease Causing My Hair Falling Out? Disorders, Diseases and Hair Loss Conditions

Hair Loss - United States

Diseases that cause hair loss: Billions of people experience different hair fall diseases & conditions with having numerous causes paying role behind it. Many of the people regain their lost hairs without treating the problem, where some need proper treatment to reduce their hair shed speed to regain their lost hairs. Many a time hairs never regrow in spite of time and money spent on disease and the patient has to face complete or partial scalp baldness.

How Important Finasteride (Proscar, Propecia) Treatment is for Hair Loss

Hair Loss - United States

Proscar and Propecia is a brand name of a drug called Finasteride. Finasteride is especially use to treat male pattern baldness developed by the pharmaceutical company ‘Merck’ and given the name ‘Proscar’. Proscar treats enlarged prostate glands very effectively as this drug is approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to treat enlarged prostates in men.

HIV Virus: Biological Structure and Life Cycle of HIV/AIDS Virus

HIV-Aids - United States

HIV virus belongs to group of lentiviruses which is a subgroup of retroviruses. The genome of HIV virus is made up of RNA (ribonucleic acid) and each virus has two chains of RNA. HIV infects mainly the CD4+ lymphocytes also known as T-cells, once a cell infected the host cell is converted into HIV-Replicating cell in the result human immune system losses that cell from its functioning capacity.

Hair Loss due to Thyroid - Symptoms and Solutions for Hair Loss in Thyroid Patients

Hair Loss - United States

Thyroid disease causes imbalance in your thyroid hormone that could possibly lead to hair loss in most of the cases. Sound strange but it’s true! Imbalance manifests in drop or rise to unhealthy levels of hormone in body and one of the possible outcome of this imbalance in thyroid hormone is hair fall problem.