Venereal Diseases: An Overview Of STD Also Known as VD

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Venereal diseases are infections caused mostly likely caused due to sexual intercourse, oral sex, and anal sex. Also known as VD , prevalence of these infections or any symptoms that may direct towards thier diagnosis  may not initially be clearly identified.



If an indiviaul acqires infections that fall under the category of a venereal disesaes; the severity can lead to vaginal and penile discharge, ulcers on or around the genital and areas and pelvic pain in women. All of these; excessive discharge, ulcers and pains are also indicators of venereal or sexually transmitted infections.



Regardless of an individual’s level of awareness of acquiring these infections which have affects equivalent to many of the sexually transmitted diseases; once it is developed in an individual there is a highly probability of transferring the infection on to others.



The sources of passing these infections on to others are not limited to sex; sexual intercourse, vaginal or oral sex. Pregnant women suffering with a sexually transmitted infection or a venereal disease may end up giving birth to children with poor health conditions and depending on the severity of the venereal disease that they may have acquired before childbirth, can also pass the disease on to the child. Similarly; women who have acquired any of the forms of a venereal disease (VD) may adversely affect a child’s health condition via breastfeeding, and thus the consequences are not on reliant on sexual contact.



Venereal diseases are very common for the fact that their primary source of spreading or being transmitted from one individual to another is sexual-contact. There are many bacterias that can lead to sexually transmitted diseases and venereal infections, more commonly referred to as sexually transmitted infections. All of these forms of bacterias that can cause a venereal infection, based upon their characteristics many lead to different consequences for individuals.



Amongst the many kinds of venereal diseases,  sexually malign bacterias that can cause a VD are; chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis and many others. Venereal diseases are viral and can be prevented through use of vaccinations that are now available owing to the growing number of people catching up with venereal diseases.  Prevention techniques are highly promoted, because these viral infections can lead to hepatitis B, HIV/AIDS, genital herpes, and genital warts.



Some of the infections that spread through an existence of venereal disease in an individual are curable; however; prevention is always recommended and awareness of venereal diseases and other sexually transmitted infections that are commonly known as STIs is important to undertake measures to induce prevention. Though treatable and even curable; the infections that lead to a diagnosis stating an existence of a venereal disease spread as viruses and the severity may be more or less for either of the both; the individual who already has it and is thus the source of passing it on to another transmitting it transmitter or the one acquiring it.



Safer sex education, learning and adaptation of safe sex techniques are always healthy means of preventing the sufferings caused by the viral infections pertaining to the venereal diseases. Among other ways of having safe sex, usage of condoms is very common and often the most handy mode of ensuring to have a safe sex. Restricting the number of partners and in fact keeping a relationship where sex is done with only an individual can avoid the possibility of incurring a venereal disease or infection.

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