Important Facts about Ebola Virus

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Ebola Virus facts guide, Ebola virus break through is still continue and people are threatened from Ebola news as it is spreading fast. Right now experts are exposing the facts of Ebola is more deadly in Central West Africa because of many reasons. One of the biggest outbreak ever in the history and take away many lives, its contagious deadly viral infection or disease and pass away easily from one human to another.


In America dated 30th September 2014, first Ebola victim was diagnosed and this patient was died at 8th October because of severe illness.  Ebola patient was admitted at Health Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas at Texas. Very soon after this Ebola victim, 11th October another case was diagnose in the same hospital a nurse who was look-after the patient caused the Ebola virus.


Two other cases also registered of Americans who return ill from West Africa send for treatment at Emory University Hospital at Atlanta are released after the virus free. CDC management is also contact with people who are looking-after the first patient of Ebola virus to identify and control the further risk of Ebola virus. In United State Ebola virus is very low because of high health precautions.


Other site, still health organizations are putting bustling efforts at West Africa to prevent the disease phenomena further. Health universities & research institutes are working hard to develop the vaccination or cure measures for treatment of Ebola virus. As the way progress fist vaccination is tested at human on trial bases which is developed by National Institute of Health in United State.


Ebola Virus is very Intense and Widespread at West Africa

Liberia, Guinea, Guinea 8973 Ebola Patients very diagnose till 15th October 2014 according to the statistics of World Health Organization. 24 further cases reported at Nigeria, Senegal, Span and United States and 68 cases in Congo.


All Entry Points of USA Should be screened for Ebola Virus

US officials are already taking stick measures at al Airports to screen patients coming from West Africa countries at New York's JFK International Airport, and Washington-Dulles, Newark, Chicago-O'Hare, and Atlanta.


Ebola is caused by RNA virus

Ebola virus is big threat for human without vaccination still now under process; Ebola is result of RNA (ribonucleic acid) infect from wild animals such as gorilla, Monkey and chimpanzees. When people use any vegetable, fruit or meet bite with wild animal or infected animals blood and fluid.


Firs outbreak of Ebola virus began in the year 1976 at Congo at Ebola River and later on outbreaks are diagnose at Uganda and other African countries.


Conclusion of Ebola Virus

After early symptoms of cough, fever, after few days Ebola virus symptoms can appear very quickly, symptoms of Ebola are likely experience of internal or external blooding, red eyes of patients, vomit blood and collapse of cardiovascular which lead to sudden death.


US Food & Drug still not approved any medicine for the treatment of Ebola virus, Ebola drug named ZMapp made of Mapp Biopharmaceutical Inc. may come soon in the market which is still in development process.

There is not high risk of Ebola virus at US citizens.  

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